Funny Moon Festival 2021

Start: Thursday 01 July 2021 18:00 End: Monday 05 July 2021 06:00

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Psy & Arts gathering In central Europe, finally ending up in countryside of the beautiful Czech Republic. Funny Moon has served as a platform for upcoming DJs, live acts Light Engineers , Adventure Seekers and all sorts of artists from around the globe to meet up in nature, share music, art work and our experiences together and lastly to enjoy a nice festival under the stars ,Sun and rain. We try to keep it in a size so people are actually able to see each other more than once on a party… so that family like atmosphere is being kept up. All good hearted people,fraggles,elves,pixies,Children and dogs are welcome.


Feel free to mix yourself into this Cosmic society.






(Line Up Main Stage-Live Acts)




Athzira (Ovni Records) Guatamala


BitKit (Dacru Records) Belgium


Error in Dimension (Alice-D records) Germany


Extracted Roots (Mouju Records) Germany


Horizon (Cosmixed Society/Popol Vuh Rec) United States


Lacerta (Forestdelic Rec/Space Baby Rec) Russia/Ukraine


Midnite Climax (Voodoo Hoodoo Records) Guatamala


Nioka (Sunna Records/Vanaghotra Records) Bavaria/Germany


Pan (Alternate Reality/Expo records) United Kingdom


Psypien (Purple Hexagon Records) United states/Austria



Spinney Lainey (Uxmal Records) United Kingdom


TranceLucid (Sunna Records) Germany


Upavas (Sangoma Records) United States/Germany




(Dj's-Main Stage)




Dalilama (Cosmixed Society/Shanti Tribe) Serbia
Dinke (Unnatural Selection) Serbia
Fiszu (PsyWest Crew/ Poland
GeNoeGen (Na konci vesmiru) Czech Republic
Giuseppe (Parvati Records) Denmark
GoaTarzan (Mouju Records) Germany
Horizon (Cosmixed Society/Popol Vuh Rec) United States
I-460 (Nature Connection) Japan
Immanu-El (Sunna Records) Bavaria/Germany
Kimmei (Parvati Records) Bavaria/Germany
MissVerständniss (Banyan Rec/ Germany
Nebokad (Mouju Records) Germany
Parama (NexTimeProd) Austria
Rix (TesseracTstudio) Croatia
Salihlavka (Synaptic Dreams Records) Slovakia
Trip Commander (Cosmixed Society) Austria
Tom O Rion (Hypnotica Rec) Germany



Valec (Karlovy Vary), CZ , Czech Republic, Valec, Valec (Karlovy Vary), CZ